Project Manager (Product-Focused, Europe or Africa)

Hej there!

We are a web design & development consultancy united around our philosophy of “Digital Hospitality” – the idea that websites are spaces people inhabit, not billboards they see from a distance. We work with product clients like Element451 and Rushfiles, major NGOs and nonprofits like the IMF, big corporations like IBM and BMW, cultural touchstones like UEFA, and anyone else who cares about providing a great experience for their users. We have fourteen team members in five countries who collaborate using a unique asynchronous style.

At Cantilever, there are two leadership roles on each project: Strategist and Project Manager. The Strategist is in charge of the vision and direction of the project, while the PM is responsible for making sure that vision is executed correctly, on time, and on budget. The two must work hand in hand to ensure success. We are looking for an amazing Project Manager.

Our European office is based in Copenhagen, and we plan to have a central HQ in NYC soon. This person will work most frequently with team members and clients in Europe or Africa, so we are looking for someone in those time zones. Our Copenhagen studio has a focus on SaaS product design work, so we are looking for someone with an established record of Product Management in addition to traditional Project Management.

If you are interested, we encourage you to check out our Handbook to get a sense of whether you align with our philosophy.

Your Mission

To deliver great results for users and clients by guiding Cantilever’s intense product design and marketing website projects to come in on time, on budget, and to spec.

Key Competencies

These are the critieria on which we will judge your suitability for the role. Cantilever has core team values that you must align with as well, but these are a specific lens on those values for this role.

  • Passion for Digital Hospitality: Providing quality experiences to users above all else.
  • Habitual empathy for users, peers, and clients
  • Deep understanding of web design and development best practices
  • Flexibility to deal with different toolkits, circumstances, client styles, and project types
  • A collaborative and inspiring attitude helping others to get things done
  • A keen eye for quality and high standards, and the courage to identify when work does not meet our standards
  • Vigilance to avoid mistakes and miscommunications
  • Supreme reliability and follow-through on commitments and agreements.
  • Courage to make tough decisions in order to accomplish our goals
  • Exceptional communication skills, particularly around difficult or nuanced topics


You should apply if you think you can...

  • Achieve a minimum 50% average profit margin each quarter across all projects led.
    • This means that if we take in $1 in project fees from the client we should be spending at most $0.50 on labor and vendors.
  • Deliver at least 90% of projects on time each year, disregarding delays due to clients.
  • Achieve 50% client retention for new clients’ first projects.
    • This means that the client comes back for a second project after the first.
    • Maintenance work is considered "coming back".

How to Apply

Please write us at with the subject line “I’m interested in Cantilever’s PM role!” Please include your basic personal information and also answer this question: What is the most important factor in projects being successful?

Key Responsibilities


Cantilever uses a project onboarding methodology called a Diagnostic. This is a paid mini-project in which we seek to absorb the project requirements fully and to craft a detailed, rock-solid plan.

  • When chosen for a project, consult with the diagnostic team to provide reliable perspective and insight about the plans being proposed
  • Coordinate for the team to write accurate project estimates. Review existing estimates and timelines critically and provide feedback. Solicit insight from designers and developers and synthesize that into thoughts for the strategist.

Project Management

  • Manage critical and intense projects according to our methodology. Be a dependable, insightful, proactive PM.
    • Follow and absorb all internal and external communication. Provide clear, actionable instructions for designers and developers based on client feedback and requests. Be the expert on our status and plan for the project.
    • Understand and absorb the strategist’s analysis of project problems and challenges. Translate somewhat fuzzy input into clear action items for all parties involved. Follow up and make sure things get done.
    • Manage a backlog of ongoing design work for product clients. Understand prioritization relative to the client’s business goals. Absorb the business reality of the client so you can make good rapid decisions.
    • Ensure that project documentation is maintained accurately. Absorb it fully.
    • Maintain an appropriate staffing plan for the project, taking into account other existing commitments and potential new work. Work with the Head of Production and other project managers to ensure that your projects have a staffing plan that is realistic and fits in with the organization’s general direction.
    • Maintain a clear, consistent line of communication with clients, including weekly updates, status meetings, and so on. Ensure that all meetings have clear notes, action items, transcript, etc.
    • Manage legal paperwork and invoices related to projects in a timely and accurate fashion
    • Solicit reviews from satisfied clients

Recommended Training, Education & Certifications

  • Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Project Management Institute Agile Certified Professional (PMI-ACP)
  • How to Build Websites, by CODEcademy
  • Workplaceless (Certified in Remote Work) by Workplaceless
  • Certified in Distributed management by Remote-How

Career Ladder Notes

This person should be at least in the ⭐️ tier of each item on the PM career ladder to hold this JD.


Denmark: DKK 40.000 to DKK 52.000/month + pension.

Outside of Denmark: Somewhere between $56k and $123k per year, adjusted to local currency, paid as a flat monthly rate. You will be responsible for your own local taxes.

Please see our compensation page for more information about how we pay our team.