Product Designer


Product designers are UI & UX designers who particularly specialized in the design of web and mobile applications. A good product designer would be capable of designing a typical marketing website, but feels more comfortable with highly interactive user interfaces.

Product design is a fascinating and difficult corner of the design world. You have to be able to understand functional requirements, development constraints, manage tight timeframes, and deliver consistent and beautiful results. Our main product design client right now is a complex CRM product. You need to be able to absorb the full business context of a client like this and deliver work that is just as good as in-house work would be.

To be successful in this role, you should have an keen eye for usability, aesthetics, and accessibility, and be able to translate real-world requirements into practical product features. Ultimately, you'll help us build products that are easy to use, and that are visually appealing to our clients. Most product designers are also strong in other areas of design, or even frontend development. We all have a “hybrid” mentality at Cantilever and would be happy to tailor your role to whatever skills you bring.

Key Responsibilities


  • Communicates effectively, respectfully, and promptly with clients. Works closely them to define their long-term vision. Presents work, processes feedback, and knows when to push back or when to be flexible.
  • Conducts research on comparable solutions in other products. Understands the modern product design landscape.
  • Conducts/coordinates real-user testing on current and past projects to identify usability or accessibility problems, and designs solutions to alleviate them.
  • Owns responsibility for product outcomes and reacts to real-world results and feedback


  • Absorbs client requests and challenges and presents actionable design solutions through prototyping and brainstorming.
  • Creates design work that embodies Cantilever’s mission of Digital Hospitality by being thoughtful, empathetic, honest, and accessible to the widest range of users possible.
  • Creates design work that properly considers the business realities of clients (ex. development budgets, content creation capacity) while being streamlined and efficient
  • Creates and manages powerful, sustainable, inter-linked design systems (ex. in Figma).
  • Creates paper and interactive prototypes that can be used for usability testing and to garner stakeholder feedback. Is comfortable producing quick solutions and iterating.
  • Maintains organized, well-named, well-labeled design files that can be handed off between designers
  • Understands the basic principles of UI animation design and can envision and communicate an animation strategy for a product


  • Communicates clearly, accurately, and promptly according to our Communication Guidelines
  • Works efficiently, effectively, and respectfully with other designers and internal staff. Works closely with project DRIs to define comfortable schedules and estimates for work.
  • Manages personal responsibilities effectively. Does not require nagging in order to stay on track with project deadlines.
  • [Optional] Maintains an active voice in the design community, speaking, writing, and tweeting about design approaches and best practices

Required Attributes

  • Is deeply passionate about designing fantastic experiences for users and fulfilling the Cantilever value of Digital Hospitality.
  • Is proactive and independently pushes themselves to learn more and do even better all the time.
  • Strong portfolio of exceptional product design work that takes into account both business needs and aesthetics
  • Expertise with Figma
  • Attention to detail and ability to quickly turn concepts into ready-for-production designs
  • Experience building design systems in Figma, with inter-linked components and shared styles
  • Working understanding of web development principles