Lead Developer


A Lead Developer guides all technical development on projects to which they're assigned. They make fundamental architecture decisions, enforce code quality, accessibility and maintainability standards, provide help and guidance to other developers on their projects, and provide the highest quality work possible.

Lead Developers are responsible not only for completing their own work on time, to spec and on budget, but are expected to improve every codebase they touch over time. They provide the highest level of knowledge and skill available within Cantilever, and are an integral part of why we’re able to deliver high quality work in a reliable manner.

Lead Developers are expected to drive the creation of documentation, both project and QA documentation, creating a sustainable ecosystem for development, regardless the length of Cantilever’s involvement in the project.

Key Responsibilities

  • Deliver the highest quality front and back-end code for every codebase they touch, effectively and efficiently.
  • Provide accessible and thorough documentation to all features they work on
  • Provide thorough and reliable estimates to DRIs/Project Managers when scoping features and deliverables
  • Make high-level architectural decisions for codebases and features, and effectively communicate those to other developers on a project
  • Create and maintain CI/CD workflows for projects
  • Perform basic server admin, Git repository maintenance, and other devops tasks
  • Build, improve and maintain local development environments for themselves and their colleagues
  • Communicate effectively and efficiently with Project Managers on timelines, scopes and budget concerns
  • Deadline management