QA Engineer


A QA Engineer tests all products before shipping them to production to ensure that Cantilever is producing quality sites and site components. They work hand-in-hand with the developers on a project's team to build and maintain the QA Checklist in a project's documentation.

You can refer to the Handbook for more information about the importance and nature of this work in QA, and the levels of development for this position in the QA Engineer Career Ladder.

Key Responsibilities

  • QA Test projects
  • Testing products on iOS and Android mobile devices
  • Testing products in the following browsers and devices: Google Chrome (Mac and Windows), FireFox (Mac and Windows), Safari (Mac), Windows Edge (Windows), and Internet Explorer 11 (Windows) when called for
  • Knowledge of how to run tests in BrowserStack's simulated browsers and devices when the QA Engineer does not have a physical device to test on
  • Collaboratively Build & Manage QA Checklists
  • Communicate with Dev teams for projects RE finds
  • Organize and Maintain Organization within project repositories (IE: GitLab or Basecamp)
  • Submit reports to Dev Team in the appropriate repository when finding bugs
  • Deadline management