Junior Designer and Social Media Manager


A junior designer and social media manager is responsible for both various internal or client design tasks as well as directing strategy and creating content for all of Cantilever's social media channels.

They need to stay up to date with the current social platforms and have experience and knowledge with all of them. They also need to keep up to date with changes that happen not only with the social networks themselves but with what works successfully strategy-wise.

While Cantilever is a small company and doesn't have unlimited resources to dedicate to content generation and interaction. It is crucial to keep up activity not only to start to build social assets and bring in new potential clients but as well to stay in the eyes of existing clients. From a branding perspective, it is also important as social proof.

Key Responsibilities


A Junior Designer is responsible for picking up various tasks and providing support to the developers and designers as they work on client projects:

  • Doing light image editing for Client or Internal projects
  • Doing website mockups for Clients or Cantilever's site
  • Providing design direction for client projects
  • Design and Lead Brand Identity-related design especially logos
  • Meet with Clients when needed
  • Light video editing and creation
  • Technical design tasks like exporting and reformatting
  • Providing insight and thoughts on Cantilevers own design work

Work may also seldom include light video editing and creation.

Social Media

A social media manager wears many hats with inside Cantilever. Basic responsibilities include:

  • Staying up to date with social media platforms.
  • Having an understanding of marketing concepts and applying them.
  • Directing alongside external contractors the strategy that Cantilever employs for both organic(social media) and paid (LinkedIn) marketing.
  • Working on and developing Cantilever's brand voice and appearance online.
  • Creating content that reflects Cantilever's values and engages both those who know us and those who don't.
  • Evenly scheduling content using Buffer or manually if required.
  • Interacting with the greater web design community and those who reach out to us.


  • Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, XD, and Premiere
  • Sketch
  • Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, and other similar CMS
  • Hubspot Email Marketing
  • Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Dribble, Medium
  • Facebook and LinkedIn Paid Advertising