Support Lead

Note that this role is somewhat in flux with our new
Organizational Structure
. We will refine it over the course of Q3 2021.


The Support Lead acts as the Directly Responsible Individual for our long-term website support clients. This includes their primary support retainer but also any one-off projects they may ask us to perform. Their duties are like a normal

, but with a specialty in website support.

The Support Lead is responsible for the overall happiness of the client, managing communication with the client, scheduling of work, and satisfaction with any deliverables that come from our work.

This person fully understands our capabilities and preferences in both design and development. They are an expert in the field and can think quickly to solve client roadblocks. Moreover, the Support Lead is responsible for the overall maintainability and health of the sites they oversee, and thus must ensure the sites stay well-maintained and well-architected over the whole life of the site. The philosophy of leaving the room a little tidier than you found it is central to lasting success.

Key Responsibilities

Client Relationship Management

  • Manage, either directly or indirectly, all communication with the client regarding their support relationship with Cantilever.
  • Arrange regular meetings and other communication with the client to provide status updates, solicit new work, and demonstrate results on work done.
  • Provide guidance to clients on effective ways to leverage Cantilever resources to maximize their business goals.
  • Solicit reviews from satisfied clients

Project Management

  • Manage the schedule, budget and timelines for all work arranged with the client.
  • Ensure all work is done on time, to spec and within budget.

Project Health and Fitness

  • Manage ongoing updates to project documentation.
  • Monitor project analytics and performance to maintain effective results for the client.
  • Monitor code quality to ensure future work is efficient and maintainable.