Head of Sales and Marketing


The Head of Sales and Marketing is responsible for driving business. They do so through strategically spreading Cantilever’s brand message and increasing awareness of it, then utilizing that awareness to harness and close sales leads.

Our sales strategy is to build amazing relationships by being helpful and friendly, and make sure that people know what we do. This person is focused on building and maintaining strong relationships with a wide network of people, from networking contacts and friends to strangers who find us through our ad campaigns or content.

We provide value to our customers, so by being active in many circles and creating a good impression of the company broadly, we are bringing value to more and more people. We don’t sell at all costs – we sell projects only when we believe 100% in the value we can provide for the customer. We turn away projects that aren’t the right fit.

Because we are small, we have combined sales and marketing functions into this one role. This person is in charge of the entire sales funnel from first impression to repeat business, so they must have a passion for our mission and deep understanding of our capabilities and brand characteristics.

Definition of Success

  • Our volume of qualified opportunities in Hubspot is growing substantially (20-30%) quarter by quarter. Currently it is 5-10.
  • Our total closed sales volume (in dollars) is improving by 10-20% each quarter. Currently we close about $150k per quarter. Just one more small deal each quarter means very robust growth.
  • We have a solid, quantified cost-per-acquisition metric for paid ads, and it is decreasing by 10-20% per quarter. We do not have a good number for this yet.
  • Our organic website traffic is growing by 10-20% per quarter due to superior SEO and inbound content strategy.

Key Responsibilities


  • Use the Mission, Vision, and Values created by the CEO to develop brand messaging. Work with CEO to augment and refine these brand elements.
  • Work with key design staff to produce and maintain a visual identity consistent with our messaging
  • Act as the “client” for our internal website retainer. Set the priorities, aligned with our sales and advertising goals.
  • Manage the Social Media Coordinator to set the overall direction of our social media messaging and establish a content calendar that aligns with our overall Sales and Marketing activity. Over time, refine our social media messaging to suit our brand values as they evolve
  • Manage our advertising, working with external vendors and internal staff. Develop campaigns consistent with the brand messaging. Facilitate the creation of landing pages and content on the site to coordinate with the campaigns.
  • Manage our inbound content initiatives (blog, SEO-focused pages). Generate new content and work with staff to generate their own.
  • Generate more recognition for the Cantilever brand through awards and gallery websites
  • Generate more referral business for Cantilever by networking with existing clients to understand their situation and see if we can be helpful to them and their friends.


  • Serve as the lead sales person on all deals and the coordinator of our entire sales operation.
  • Manage Cantilever staff to participate in the sales process as is helpful and efficient. This includes managing junior staff doing outreach and other repeatable, procedurized tasks as well as coordinating senior staff to participate in sales meetings and write proposal content as needed.
  • Coordinate a strategy for quickly and efficiently responding to leads and qualifying them.
  • Establish an outbound prospecting strategy that targets market segments and individuals uniquely receptive to our message
  • Meet with qualified leads to understand them and their needs and verify that we can help.
  • Once information is gathered, create presentations and proposals to close the deal
  • Once a proposal is accepted, work with the legal team to craft paperwork
  • Once paperwork is approved, work with the Head of Production to kickstart the project