Digital Content Producer


The (Digital) Content Producer is in charge of media that Cantilever creates with a primarily educational bent, although this can also include advertising. The channels it interacts with are primarily articles (blogs) and videos (on YouTube). While this role previously oversaw elements of social media output (see below), that role is now covered by the Social Media Manager (currently @Liam Ramsey).

Key Responsibilities

  • Blog
    1. Note: Cantielver's blog was previously active at Medium ( but has been moved to Cantilever's page (

    2. Edit articles for Cantilever's blog when another team member is the author
      • If editing an article, this includes a degree of project management as well
    3. Prepare (research if necessary/appropriate) and write articles for Cantilever's blog with feedback from an editor
    4. Provide images for each article
    5. Publish the article (The DMP passes the article along to the dev team lead of the Cantilever project (currently @Andrew Heins) and he publishes it
    6. Publish article on LinkedIn under author's account
    7. Notify social media team that article is ready for sharing on proper channels
  • Video (YouTube)
    • Edit raw videos made by Ty RE product demos, walkthroughs, videos about the company, etc
    • Edit raw video recordings made by team members hosting webinars and online workshops
    • Produce video card tiles
    • Upload videos to YouTube
    • Provide all meta data appropriate for video including video description
    • Edit subtitles for demo videos and videos about Cantilever
    • Work with social media team to advertise video on proper channels