Creative Technologist


The Creative Technologist is a hybrid designer-developer responsible for …

For a small team like Cantilever, the CT must wear many hats.

Key Responsibilities

The CT is not always in charge of the design or development or a project, though it may be the case under some circumstances.


When functioning as a designer, the CT will generate creative, clean, and progressive solutions and design ideas for projects and manage the handoff between the design and development teams, and continue in an advisory role even after the formal design phase has been completed on a project.


When functioning as a developer, the CT will work closely with the designer or design team on a project to help generate new and engaging ideas that can be appropriately translated to the front end of a site build, relative to a client’s needs. The CT will assist in the handoff from design to development and continue to seek counsel when necessary from the design team, while also working closely with those in charge of the back end throughout the lifecycle of a project.

Design & Development

Sometimes, if the project is appropriate or the scope small enough to manage, the CT will be both designer and developer.


  • Design tools and software (Adobe CC applications, Sketch, InVision, Figma)
  • Vanilla front end development
  • Excellence in building static sites on Jekyll, 11ty, etc.
  • Experience in building on CMSs with WP, Craft, Statamic, etc.
  • Additional familiarity with and competence in streamlined build processes, Javascript libraries like React, MVC architecture
  • Ability to employ a high level of visual, functional, and technical creative problem solving