Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


The CEO is responsible for the direction, vision, and culture of the company, and for managing the top level leaders who run the day-to-day operations of the company. Management at Cantilever is a position of servitude and the CEO should be the chief servant.

The CEO should not be involved with the nitty-gritty decisions made every day by our staff, instead trusting them to execute the overall vision successfully. The CEO should not write code or do design work, but should lend their overall expertise to help our staff resolve problems and accomplish their responsibilities. The CEO should aid our staff, not supersede or replace them.

CEO is an inherently relational role, not an artisanal role. The CEO’s effect on the company comes primarily from how they uplift, train, and inspire the company’s staff.

Key Responsibilities


  • Set and disseminate the Mission, Vision, and Values of the company
  • Interact with direct reports and other staff daily to remove blockers and improve processes
  • Train new key staff in the Cantilever methodology
  • Write documentation and procedures to codify the Cantilever methodology
  • Develop ideas for improving the company long-term
  • Continually learn and grow as a leader through programs like 10KSB


  • Regularly review financial results and projections with the finance team
  • Make key big-picture strategic decisions around our finances, such as when to reserve more or less cash
  • Develop strategic plans for optimizing profits and sharing gains with the team
  • Establish the standards for how our finances should be managed


  • Set the priorities and objectives for our legal department
  • Make major decisions around how Cantilever should manage key legal concerns surrounding the business, and allow the legal team to manage the ramifications of those decisions


  • Determine the general brand values behind which our marketing messages are based
  • Work with our marketing team to brainstorm and test messages and means of marketing
  • Act as the public face of the company through speaking, writing, recording videos, and networking


  • Participate in key sales meetings and be a part of pitching the company and our value
  • Make big-picture decisions around which markets and sales channels to pursue
  • Manage the sales team and our sales practices

Design, Development, QA

  • Work with key staff to create design, development and QA standards
  • Identify and communicate priority areas for learning and growth across the team
  • Check in via back-channel with key clients to make sure they are being taken care of well and have the opportunity to express any concerns

People Ops

  • Create relationships that lead to hiring leads
  • Determine the right time to hire for which positions
  • Participate in hiring choices
  • Participate in evaluating staff for promotion, pay tier adjustments, or letting go
  • Oversee the management of the pay tiers
  • Oversee our benefits

Project Management

  • Help establish our general PM strategies
  • Manage some unique key projects when required