Employee Paperwork

Employee paperwork is essential for hiring and for mutual understanding of the work agreement to take place. Employee paperwork should be up to date at all times. Any time there is a change in employee hours or rate we need to make sure that they are updated in our HR drive.

There are several types of paperwork that team members should have. We'll start with the most important:

Team Member Agreement

There are certain piece of information that need to be included in a team members paperwork:

  • Full Name of Team Member
  • Address of Team Member
  • Title
  • Rate/Salary
  • Date of contract state (and end if limited to a certain project or date).
  • Signatures
  • Standard legal information

We have two types of employees, Team members and Consultants. This means there there will be separate agreements for both. US based team members will be integrated with our Gusto Payroll system and therefore can be sent paperwork through that platform.

This is our standard template for team member agreements.
This is our standard template consulting agreement.

Team Member Tax forms

There are two types of forms that need to be used for taxes. One for US based Team Members, and one for non-US team members. Each of these are important for keeping the team members taxes as well as Cantilevers up to date and accurate.

US based Team members will fill out all document information through Gusto. This means that the required W4 forms will be sent by Gusto when the person is onboarded in that system.

I9's must be filled out by the hiring manager/Director of Operations and only requires identification materials from the new Team member in order to do so. This is also filled out in Gusto.

For any Non-US based team members, the only tax form that is required is the W-8ben form. This can be found in our drive templates in the HR drive. This is sent to anyone outside the US and filed in their file.