Cantilever Approach to Hiring

Cantilever Approach to Hiring

At Cantilever we set our expectations high. We really love when people share our passion for our Mission of Digital Hospitality as well and look for those who match our values. We like to hire those who bring a new perspective, differing viewpoints, and new approaches to the team. We value a diversity of thought on our team and strive to search out those who are missing from our lineup. Any remote working experience is a plus as well as we thrive on autonomous work- which may not be for everyone.

Generally our People Ops department will work in conjunction with the head of the department when a need for a new hire arises. The head of the department knows what their team needs so it's good for them to write a job description first thing off the bat. Both the People Ops team and the head of the department need to be on the same page so it's great for a meeting to be the starting point once the job description is created. During the initial meeting it will be good to talk out the following:

  • What type of role is this?
  • What is our salary range (review career ladders)?
  • Whats the timeline that we want to hire this person within?
  • Who in the department will oversee this person?
  • What's the best approach to hiring for this role if the position is technical?
  • What sites do we want to list this job on, if any, outside of our website?
  • Do you (Hiring manager) know anyone who may be a good fit?

We like to take a targeted approach to hiring. Many large job boards have a high yield, but aren't great when sorting through the less qualified candidates. We prefer to add any new roles to our Cantilever site first- so that anyone who is looking around at agencies (or directly at us) can see this and apply. Posting to Cantilever Social channels is also a great way to find qualified candidates. This helps get the word out and our team can share those posts to reach a larger network. We have a database of platforms that we use and continually update as we find the best places to find talent.

Job Board Database

Job BoardSiteGood for:Cost for Post
Authentic Jobs
Black Tech Pipeline
Women Who Design
Women Who Code

It's also imperative that our People Ops team and the head of the department are active in searching for the candidate. This means they should- once everything is posted for the world- start searching through relevant sites and invite qualified candidates to apply. Sometimes this needs to be done by a more technical person first so they can vet the skills of those they ask to apply. Other times it makes sense for the People Ops team to do this directly. It's also very possible that we may send team members to a conference, meet up or something similar to search out qualified candidates as well. The head of the department will have a budget for searching for the candidate.

Once you find your grade A person, you'll want to send the offer letter to them. Often times that looks something like this:

Example Offer Letter!

When you send the offer letter, make sure that you CC People Ops so they are aware an offer has been made. If your candidate accepts the offer this will also trigger People Ops to run onboarding. They will take it from there to get the team member integrated to the team.