People Manager Career Ladder

Attitude and Involvement
Is available and involved in reports’ work lives. Is attentive to reports’ personal lives. Remains calm and collected in discussing reports’ shortcomings or mistakes. Provide encouragement. Understands their reports’ long-term life goals.
Seeks books/articles/etc that reports would enjoy. Looks for event and training opportunities to grow their skills. Advocates for their report internally and externally. Follows their reports on social media and helps them promote causes they care about.
Visits their reports in person periodically. Introduces their reports to new professional contacts and networks.
Establishes professional goals with each report. Finds and shares materials they may like to review on that topic. Asks them about their progress during 1:1s.
Sets up coaching sessions with reports to work on their work goals. Establishes timelines and expected outcomes for coaching. Follows the Manager Tools coaching model to keep coaching effective.
Envisions and designs new coaching programs for reports (current and future). Creates video and written content using the results of coaching sessions, alongside reports.
Practical Knowledge
Understands the core of what their reports do on a day to day basis. Understands what they need in order to succeed. Understands the relationships involved in getting their work done, and the dynamics of inter-team communication. Knows the basics of payroll, benefits and HR legal compliance (at Cantilever and in general). Knows our policies intimately.
Understands what their reports do intimately. Can help reports break down problems and can suggest changes or improvements. Knows payroll, legal, and HR topics well, and can provide advice and guidance to reports on how to set up their legal arrangements with the company.
Can independently develop creative solutions for financial and legal matters related to reports’ employment. Speaks and writes about management publicly on behalf of the company.
Best Practices
Conducts 1:1s and Quarterlies in line with Cantilever policies. Provides feedback for each report at least once a week. Oversees PTO and makes sure their reports all take their PTO in any given year. Is available for questions and feedback from reports all the time.
Proactively schedules non-standard meetings with reports to cover specific challenges. Connects reports with others in the organization who can help them with certain problems.
Envisions and develops new policies to improve outcomes for reports. Communicates with leadership to implement successful experiments across the company. Speaks and writes about management on behalf of the company.