Operations Career Ladder

Can read and absorb the intent of existing paperwork. Can duplicate and fill out templates to create new legal paperwork, but always needs review to know they made the right choices.
Can construct simple new paperwork without a specific template by using parts from other contracts. Can work in partnership with our lawyer to get a contract written. Can work with Lawyer to rectify issues with older paperwork.
Can review existing Cantilever paperwork critically and find problems and request changes. Can read and provide feedback on client-delivered paperwork. Can write simple new paperwork without needing parts of other contracts.
Can write novel new paperwork alone, requiring only review from the lawyer. Can create re-usable legal templates and advise others on the paperwork they created.
Can perform basic bookkeeping tasks with sufficient instructions.
Can keep the books up to date on a daily basis by logging and reconciling transactions. Generally able to follow concepts of finance.
Can perform advanced bookkeeping tasks in Xero with occasional help from support. Can creatively modify our procedures to improve efficiency. Can manage the yearly tax process with some help from CEO.
Can run the company’s finances actively without significant intervention from the CEO – monitoring cash flows, making strategic decisions, and envisioning and implementing major changes. Can make good strategic choices around the company’s finances. Can model and project outcomes with Excel and similar tools and report projections to the team.
People Ops
Can create staff paperwork if given a template and the required information. Can run payroll and conduct onboarding and offboarding tasks if given a clear procedure.
Can create one-off clauses in staff paperwork to suit specific situations. Can run payroll, onboarding, and offboarding tasks without instructions or oversight. Knows our policies well and can address basic HR questions and needs for employees.
Proactively identifies areas where we can improve company policies and suggests changes to the team. Keeps an eye on the larger HR world for legal or cultural changes that affect us. Resolves conflicts between team members.
Can operate unassisted within all HR platforms and sets the HR policies for the company. Researches and implements new policies without help. Leads team members to implement new initiatives. Speaks and writes about people ops topics publicly, representing the company.
Studio Management
Can follow instructions to update or maintain our software services. Can perform administrative tasks. Can maintain cleanliness of our systems.
Can maintain existing systems without help. Can research and migrate to new systems with help from CEO. Can efficiently and effectively book travel and events for staff. Can delegate tasks to junior collagues.
Can research and migrate to new systems without help. Can independently determine which files and services are delivering value and adjust our plans accordingly
Speaks and writes about how we manage our studio and why. Can coach junior colleagues through setup of new systems.