Admin Career Ladder

Administrators are critical in ensuring that our studio runs smoothly. They are the problem-solvers who clear roadblocks quickly so that the rest of the company can do their jobs effectively. They don’t usually participate directly in creating our websites, but are nonetheless vital in delivering Digital Hospitality because their presence frees up the team to do their best work.

Admins are the only staff who don’t need to have a specific orientation around Digital Hospitality to be effective. However they must display the underlying value of empathy as they support the team so we can all succeed.

The Admin ladder encapsulates a very wide range of duties, from preparing powerpoint decks to handling personal errands to finance and accounting responsibilities. When it comes to determining compensation, different roles may require emphasis on different parts of the ladder. Admins are charged with tackling whatever work can feasibly be delegated to them, so their days will be very scattered across teams and contexts.

Since Admins don‘t necessarily have web knowlege, they often provide more assistance to the operations department, receiving tasks delegated from Ops staff.

Admin Career Ladder

Can schedule internal meetings accurately and effectively. Can take notes and send to attendees, with action items noted for project managers to follow up on.
Can schedule and take notes on external meetings accurately and effectively, taking into account the schedule requirements of external stakeholders and balancing the urgency of the meeting with that.
Can run an external meeting on behalf of Cantilever independently, reporting back to stakeholders with notes, decisions and next steps. Can plan and execute a team event such as a happy hour or meetup.
Can coordinate all scheduling for another team member with a complex schedule, such as an executive, ensuring that days are planned appropriately, travel is booked accurately, and all resources are transferred to the person. Can coordinate and run a significant event like a team retreat or client summit, acting as event manager.
Personal Support
Can handle light errands, research, cleaning, driving etc on behalf of another team member
Can handle harder errands like selling items online, invoice payments, etc.
Can handle more difficult personal tasks like tricky paperwork, online ordering, personal travel bookings/logistics etc.
Can manage complex personal tasks for another team member, such as managing a rental property, purchasing a major asset, handling insurance, etc.
Can draft internal documentation around new initiatives, drawing from information provided by a team member or gathered during a call.
Can effectively manage social media accounts on behalf of team members or the company, within their realms of expertise. Can help handle communication with clients and partners.
Can write substantial blog posts on behalf of internal team. Can write full high-quality handbook entries.
Operations Support (Finance, Legal, People Ops, Studio Management)
Can handle light paperwork and software tasks when delegated with clear instructions
Understands our ops toolkit and can handle normal daily tasks when delegated with clear instructions. Can interact with external people and facilitate connection to our ops team (ex. during recruiting)
Can handle more substantial tasks like handling significant financial transactions, writing light paperwork, etc. Does not require explicit instructions/procedures but may require support from the Ops team.
Can act as an extension of the ops team and handle what an ops trainee level person could handle.
Production Support
Can help with light content entry tasks within a CMS
Can help with more significant content entry, copywriting, research, etc.
Can conduct user tests, consolidate the results and report back to the team with findings
Can fill in with light QA and project management for simple projects
Sales & Marketing Support
Can help facilitate sales interactions by taking notes and following up during sales calls
Can help facilitate a proposal process by gathering information from Sales lead and formatting in our Google Slides templates
Can help conduct research during the sales process and provides significant insight during sales discussions. Can act as a liason to external marketing vendors.
Can screen prospective clients and ascertain if they would be a good fit for Cantilever. Can draft marketing messaging based on our established branding, such as social media posts. Can create social media post images using our built-in tiles.