Asana <> Harvest Integration

There's a very easy-to-use integration for Harvest that shows up in the Desktop web app version of Asana. Once you activate Harvest in your Profile Settings, you will see a stopwatch icon on every task beside the "more actions" menu. Clicking this will open the Harvest time tracking screen. Video Walkthrough:

  1. Log into Asana and click your profile picture to access your profile settings
  2. Click the "Apps" tab
  3. Turn the Harvest Time Tracking app "On"
  4. Open up a task and see that there's a ⏱️ icon
  5. Click the ⏱️ icon to open the Harvest Time Entry screen (you might need to log in the first time)

If the Harvest time tracking screen doesn’t pop up when pressing the stopwatch, you might have to turn off any content filters/ad blockers for Asana. This is a known issue for Brave users. In Brave, turning the Shields off for asana.com enables the integration to work properly.