Organizational Structure (Pre Q3 2021)

This is a legacy document. Pleas refer to the updated
Organizational Structure
for the current methodology. This document should be maintained for reference.

At Cantilever we strive to maintain an egalitarian and collaborative environment. At the same time, structure is important in order to provide everyone with the tools and resources they need to succeed. Especially in a remote context, we need to maintain a predictable, stable hierarchy in order to keep communication and workflows clear.

Our Structure

We have four major departments:

  • New, from scratch websites
  • One-off additions to existing websites (ours or others’)
  • Consulting and strategic engagements
  • Ongoing website maintenance retainers
  • Long-running hourly maintenance agreements
Sales & Marketing
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • People Ops
  • Studio Management
  • Company Culture
  • Snacks

Staff often will sometimes work on projects within multiple departments. However, the bulk of each person’s time should be spent in one particular department. This means that each team member should work with the same colleagues repeatedly, which will increase mutual understanding and efficiency.

Since we are still only 10 people or so, some staffers will have to "drift" between departments more than others. For instance, our lone dedicated in-house QA tester will test projects across both New Projects and Support. Over time we expect this to diminish. As the departments get larger in ability and scope, they will be able to more clearly consume one person’s entire working capacity.

The distinction between production and support has been fuzzy at various points in our history. We have previously understood "support" to mean anything that has to do with an existing website. While this definition is clean, it left us in situations where the "support" department was managing 200+ hour new feature projects. That requires a much different mentality to a monthly retainer.

We have redefined the Support department to focus exclusively on long-running site maintenance and improvement, either hourly or on a retainer basis.


On a separate axis, we do maintain teams of people across different departments who are filling similar roles:

  • Design
  • Development
  • QA
  • Project Management
  • Leadership

These groups should remain in contact through the relevant Basecamp Team and Notion board and should share information and best practices.