Level 1
Can create a set of wireframes for a simple website in both mobile and desktop. Can read and understand user research to tailor solutions to specific audiences.
Level 2
Can present wireframes effectively to a client. Can build a clean, consistent set of wireframes for a complex website. Can analyze business needs to understand user journeys and create psychographics. Comfortable running user testing and analyzing sites in relation to competitors.
Level 3
Can create powerful, flexible wireframes to show both website structure and nuanced UI patterns (such as scroll-triggered effects and animations). Is imaginative in the UX process to think of new UI paradigms that are uncommon and differentiate our work.
Level 4
Performs user research and discovery projects as the background for design work. Can create a content model for a medium-sized site and match it to wireframes.
Level 5
Can handle the most intensive, research-driven UX projects independently. Inspires others to create more advanced, innovative UX work. Creates and publicizes new UX methodologies (ex. UX Kits).