Technical Knowledge

Level 1
Has the ability to learn and understand technical concepts. Has a good attitude about trying to learn. Proactively researches topics beyond their area of expertise
Level 2
Understands the basic elements of how sites work. Understands how a CMS interacts with frontend code to allow a site to be editable. Understands the basics of performance, SEO and accessibility.
Level 3
Has a basic working understanding of web design & development. Understands why different frontend methodologies work better for different needs. Can explain how the CMSes we use differ, and why we would use one over another. Has a sense for when there is a speed or technical issue on a site and can provide clear, helpful feedback.
Level 4
Understands broader topics like marketing, branding, and content strategy. Can diagnose problems on a basic technical level by analyzing browser behavior or console warnings. Can analyze customer needs and make confident recommendations on specific technical approaches based on prior experience.
Level 5
Understands the principles behind our development practices. Can debug a code issue directly and provide useful insight. Can fill in as a strategist for smaller projects.
Project Manager