Level 1

Understands the basic stages of how web projects are composed. Can read and understand a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) provided by a technical lead/creative director.

Level 2

Can write a simple WBS for small projects, working from a project vision constructed by a strategist and the team. Can create a suitable project schedule and map tasks into sprints.

Level 3

Can write a simple WBS for medium-sized projects. Can create a nuanced project schedule based on insight into team skillsets and dynamics.

Level 4

Can write accurate WBS for large and complex projects, working with teammates. Successfully pads internal estimates to make sure we come in on time and on budget.

Level 5

Helps strategists identify parts of projects which they are not thinking about. Can help others refine their estimates based on past experience with various tasks, and changes in technology. Can independently adjust a WBS based on an unexpected change or event.

Project Manager