Level 1
Knows all common HTML tags and what they do. Knows the basics of how CSS works and can style a straightforward page independently without help. Can build a new component within an existing Cantilever site, following existing conventions.
Level 2
Can create full pages which match design comps without requiring much help. Has mastery of HTML/CSS syntax. Writes clean, accessible markup. Can quickly debug layout errors. Can use Cantilever CSS frameworks to build complex pages with minimal help. Can optimize SVG images for inline or image display depending on the situation.
Level 3
Can build components of any complexity within CSS frameworks without causing code bloat. Can deliver perfect visual fidelity without hacky code. Can quickly debug layout errors. Understands SVG animation techniques. Is an expert in HTML and CSS syntax and best practices. Is an expert in accessibility and how good markup enhances it. Can teach others their skills.
Level 4
Can build own HTML/CSS frameworks. Is constantly keeping up with changes in web standards and browser support. Knows when it is appropriate to deviate from provided mockups and add nuanced touches that enhance the user experience. Can write code that matches provided designs in a much shorter timeframe.
Level 5
Understands HTML/CSS on a root technical level and how it works under the hood. Can design in the browser. Can write CSS Algorithms and fancy stuff like that (See