Financial Management

Level 1
Understands our books. Can set financial targets for the company and make strategic changes that bring them about. Understands risk factors that face the company and makes proactive adjustments to avoid problems
Level 2
Thinks creatively about financial challenges and reacts according to best practices. Seeks to gain knowledge about financial management and implement lessons. Can create nuanced financial reports that reveal lessons.
Level 3
Understands advanced methods of financial analysis. Can create complex models and forecasts. Understands how to use leverage safely.
Level 4
Understands how macroeconomic trends are affecting the business and makes changes in reaction to them. Consistently delivers strong financial results even when market conditions are poor. Understands how to raise funds and manage equity transactions.
Level 5
Has deep knowledge of the financial levers available to firms and comes up with creative, ethical strategies to boost earnings. Is an expert on the macroeconomy and makes strategic plans in line with forecasted economic trends.