Level 1
Can read and understand what a build process does (with help from documentation and google). Can run Cantilever projects locally and work effectively. Understands how simple servers and CDNs work. Can deploy code using GUI tools and basic Git-based deployment workflows.
Level 2
Can create a new Cantilever project including a standard build proceess and local environment setup using Lando. Can modify a standard build process to suit the specific project they are working on. Can work within an existing server to find and fix permissions or other minor issues. Can create a simple new server setup using our guides.
Level 3
Can implement local development tools that we’ve never implemented before. Can create a fully optimized build process from scratch. Knows how to implement Docker for our more complex builds. Can customize server settings like memory limits, Nginx rewrite rules, and logging. Knows Cloudflare intimately. Can debug most common server and CDN-related issues without help.
Level 4
Can set up Docker for a complex multi-tenant project use-case. Can set up CI/CD workflows. Can optimize build processes for peers. Stays involved in the community and understands devops trends.
Level 5
Can build new Node packages to address our common workflow issues. Can solve any server-related issue and can implement advanced rewrite techniques like full domain masking. Knows how to use Cloudflare service workers to optimize edge performance.