Level 1
Knows how to implement a site in at least one CMS using by-the-book means. Can modify a CMS-driven site to add fields and update existing logic.
Level 2
Has a strong understanding of how Cantilever approaches CMS integration for websites. Can build full features in an existing CMS-driven site. Can create a new simple site using at least one CMS. Can train content administrators in using CMS. Can create a clean, user-friendly interface for authors by configuring fields intuitively.
Level 3
Can write custom code within a CMS-driven site to implement complex backend features. Can write plugins or field types to solve missing features of a CMS, and can debug CMS errors. Can write tests for their backend code within a CMS. Can implement a new CMS-based site cleanly without any help.
Level 4
Could write their own basic CMS if they needed. Writes complex plugins and extensions that allow us to satisfy our project requirements without hacky code.
Level 5
Has created their own CMS or similar robust application. Can debug core CMS code and contribute to open-source modifications for our common CMSes.