Technical Director

🛠 Production
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Mission 🙏

To ensure that Cantilever’s engineering team is efficient and effective, and to ensure that our methods are in line with our company values.

Definition of Success 📈

  • Ensure that engineering tickets are completed on time and on budget at least 90% of the time
  • Grow engineering staff capacity by at least 30% per year through recruiting and gains in efficiency
  • Limit voluntary engineering turnover to at most 10% per year

Key Responsibilities 💪

  • Act as a key facilitator of conversations between clients and the technical team
  • Help strategists and business development staff sell projects by joining specific meetings and providing technical guidance and assistance
  • Spearhead new engineering processes that improve efficiency and team satisfaction. Work with engineering staff to implement them.
  • Work with Operations staff to recruit and hire new team members and freelancers for the engineering team
  • Manage our engineering staff
  • Take accountability for the outcomes of all engineering work within the organization
  • Help business development staff determine engineering capacity and connect with PMs to plan new work
  • Acts as “decision maker of last resort” for tactical engineering decisions and project-level financial decisions.

Not Responsibilities

The Head of Production is not expected to:

  • 🚫 Do strategy work though they may opt to do so on a temporary basis when we do not have the staff to fulfill all of our opportunities
  • 🚫 Code or design, though they may provide code and design feedback sometimes
  • 🚫 Take the lead on sales, though they will regularly collaborate with the Business Development team to help close new clients, and help strategists close projects for existing clients.

Compensation Notes

In addition to the compensation listed above, this role is eligible for additional stock awards that are determined on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the existing partners.