Executive Assistant

🐑 Executive
Comp Notes
L1 Salary
$35,000 to $41,500
L2 Salary
$38,250 to $51,250
L3 Salary
$48,000 to $64,250
L4 Salary
$61,000 to $80,500
L5 Salary
$77,250 to $100,000
L1 Hourly Wage
$23 to $28
L2 Hourly Wage
$26 to $34
L3 Hourly Wage
$32 to $43
L4 Hourly Wage
$41 to $54
L5 Hourly Wage
$52 to $67
Billable Target Min


Mission 🙏

To make Cantilever’s executives more effective by supporting their work, removing roadblocks, and making proactive adjustments.

Definition of Success 📈

  • Bottom-line profits reach quarterly targets
  • Executive Harvest hours remain below 50 hours per week
  • Executives consistently report satisfaction with work/life balance

Key Responsibilities 💪

  • Schedules meetings, handles conflicts
  • Runs meetings, taking and distributing notes, creating action items
  • Manages inbound requests to executives and filter out requests that can be done by others
    • Could involve tools like Missive to allow external management of executive email accounts
  • Helps Operations with procedures like onboarding and offboarding and studio management tasks such as setting up SaaS apps and creating new company systems for studio management
  • Arranges travel
  • Arranges internal & external events
  • Provides insight to executives and visibility into company morale and performance
  • Drafts communication and reviews outbound communication from executives
  • Drafts legal paperwork such as employee contracts
  • Helps with recruiting and sales research and outreach
  • Purchases items on behalf of executives
  • Handles misc general personal tasks for executives

Key Skills 🤹🏽

Skills Database

SkillRolesLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5
Executive Assistant
Capable of handling most daily scheduling and logistical tasks effectively and on time without help. Occasionally needs help for more significant tasks.
Can handle all typical scheduling and logistical needs without help.
Can handle almost every scheduling and logistical need on behalf of executives without help. Can set up and run company events.
Can make strategic decisions around scheduling and logistics that are in line with general company status and context.
Is a true extension of executives and vital to their effectiveness and decision-making. Can make effective decisions and take action on behalf of executives without help. Is an expert on our industry and company.
Executive Assistant
Can help executives draft outbound communication. Can handle light email management and triage on behalf of executives.
Saves executives significant time by intercepting communication and ensuring that executives are focused on only what they need to focus on
Can write basic contracts according to directions provided by executives.
Can handle most legal paperwork needs on behalf of executives.
Can write communication on behalf of executives that requires almost no revision.
Executive Assistant
Can operate within project management software effectively, coordinating between various teams
Can set up a project in our project management software for a small initiative on behalf of a project manager or executive
Can act as a Project Manager for small internal initiatives.
Can act as a strategist for small internal initiatives, or a PM for larger ones
Can act as a strategist and PM for significant company initiatives, overlapping with ops team