Director of Production

🛠 Production
Comp Notes
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Mission 🙏

To lead Cantilever’s production by strengthening the capability for the team to deliver work with consistent quality and efficiency by improving estimation, time tracking buy-in and usage, structure and workflow for projects.

Definition of Success 📈

  • Achieve measurable change in the world through our client projects, methodologies and influence
  • Maintain production margin of at least 50%, taking bonuses into account
  • Contribute to maintaining company bottom-line margin of at least 10%
  • Limit involuntary client turnover to at most 10% per year

Key Responsibilities 💪

  • Take accountability for the final outcomes of our client relationships, in terms of quality, impact, profit, and satisfaction
  • Help maintain client relationships and ensure that clients are satisfied
  • Act as leader for our strategy and project management teams, facilitating their success and helping them grow.
  • Create processes and establishes best practices to improve efficiency and team satisfaction
  • Help strategists and business development staff sell projects by joining specific meetings and providing guidance and assistance
  • Help business development staff determine team capacity and connect with PMs to plan new work
  • Work with Operations staff to recruit and hire new team members and freelancers for the PM and Strategy teams
  • Acts as “decision maker of last resort” for tactical production decisions and project level financial decisions.

Not Responsibilities

The Head of Production is not expected to:

  • 🚫 Act as strategist or PM for any client accounts, though they may opt to do so on a temporary basis when we do not have the staff to fulfill all of our opportunities
  • 🚫 Code or design, though they may provide code and design feedback sometimes
  • 🚫 Manage finances or other operations matters, though they must be cognizant of our metrics and in touch continually with the finance team
  • 🚫 Take the lead on sales, though they will regularly collaborate with the Business Development team to help close new clients, and help strategists close projects for existing clients.

Compensation Notes

In addition to the compensation listed above, this role is eligible for additional stock awards that are determined on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the existing partners.

Key Skills 🤹🏽

None of the skills are requirements for the role.

Skills Database

SkillRolesLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5
Head of Production
Understands the basics of web design and development. Could act as a capable PM or Strategist if necessary.
Is an expert on web design and development and is known as a leading mind in the industry
Head of Production
Can help maintain existing client relationships by staying in touch with our clients and gathering feedback proactively.
Actively generates business by maintaining great relationships with client stakeholders, leading to referrals and connections.
Head of Production
Understands our existing processes intimately and can tweak them in order to improve results
Can lead the creation of extremely complex new business processes touching multiple teams and disciplines, with a smooth rollout in a reasonable timeframe.
Head of Production
Can act as manager for our PM and Strategy teams without creating undue conflict
Can help even the most senior report grow and change. Can motivate a strong team towards common objectives.
Can provide approvals for clarified, lightweight tasks within their domain of focus. Can write basic handbook entries.
Can approve more complex features. Can write significant handbook entries.
Can approve any task within their area of expertise. Can write involved handbook entries. Can manage a junior team member.
Can approve tasks even outside their area of expertise given a clear enough task. Is a respected leader within the team on their area of expertise. Can manage multiple team members and mentor junior staff. Can set up internal systems and databases to enhance team efficiency.
Mentors and manages senior staff. Can fill in for other team members (for example, as a designer, acting as a PM of strategist). Is a public evangelist for the company and our culture.