Report’s Quarterly Report Template


During this quarter was my work on spec, on budget, and on time?

Did I have any challenges working with any of my teammates?

Am I in the right roles? Do I want to add any new responsibilities or move away from something I am currently overseeing?

Where do I want to be in five years? How can Cantilever help me get there?


Did [Manager] deliver regular, clear, actionable, and timely feedback on my performance? Do I know how I am performing?

Did [Manager] promptly deliver all the answers and resources I needed to do my best?

Please provide one piece of guiding (AKA "NEGATIVE") feedback for [Manager] in the 1:1 feedback question. Duplicate it here.


Am I satisfied with my compensation?

Am I happy at Cantilever?


Would I like more or fewer hours in the next quarter?

Will my working schedule and cadence remain consistent next quarter? Will I have time off?

What goals do I think Cantilever as a company should take on this quarter?