Manager’s Quarterly Review Template


How do you summarize [Report]’s quarter?

Harvest report and screenshot for the quarter


How do I feel about my performance helping [Report] this quarter?

Did I deliver regular, clear, actionable, and timely feedback on [Report]’s performance?

How do I plan to improve next quarter to be a better manager for [Report]?

Team Member

Did [Report] work effectively and respectfully with the team?

How effectively did [Report] make changes to address guiding feedback I delivered?

If [Report] had any outstanding performance issues from last quarter, are they resolved?

Does [Report] have any outstanding performance issues that should be logged and tracked next quarter?

Roles and Compensation

Is [Report] in the right role?

What is [Report]’s trajectory at Cantilever?

What is [Report]’s current pay tier? Is it fair to their current role and responsibilities?