All Cantilever team members (including 🚀Contributors) have a ❤️Manager. The manager’s job is to help them do their best. The @Cantilever Operations team also helps support team members.

🏅 Principles

  • Care. ❤️Managers act as support for their team, not dictators. Managers are there to help facilitate success, health and happiness for their direct reports.
  • Accountability. In order to work at Cantilever we demand a high level accountability and effectiveness. ❤️Managers are accountable for ensuring their reports are living up to our standards.

📏 Rules

✅ Managers Must…

  • Deliver regular, timely, and actionable 🔊Feedback for their reports, both positive and negative
  • Conduct regular 💬1:1 meetings with their reports
  • Conduct 📈Quarterly Reviews with their reports
  • Help facilitate equipment requests with @Cantilever Operations for their reports
  • Assist with onboarding and offboarding for their reports

🚫 Managers Should Not…

  • Over-manage reports by having too many meetings or controlling too much of what they are doing. Reports should be independent.
  • Deliver negative feedback in front of others.
  • Be jerks to their reports. That is unacceptable here.

Other Resources for Managers

Our management style is heavily influenced by the Manager Tools group (which produces a podcast and conferences on the topic). You can read their baseline guidance on their website and encourage you to check out the podcast. The book Radical Candor by Kim Scott is also a great read for managers who want to do a good job.