Non-Billable Time Policies

At Cantilever the majority of our time is spent on client projects. However, we must also perform non-billable work to keep the company healthy and efficient. The Operations department is in charge of reviewing this balance and ensuring that we are staying in order. This should be done in conjunction with the Head of Production, who oversees the billable work of the company.

In general, 65-70% billable has been the “sweet spot” for the company historically.

If you would like to do a non-billable task or project, please request approval from the CEO and CC your manager. They are in charge of deciding what is in the queue for the current quarter and ensuring that our budgets are maintained. Please send these requests in email. Include:

  • What you would like to do
  • How many hours you expect it to take
  • When you expect to complete the work
  • What the benefits would be for the company
  • How important/urgent you feel the work is.

We should prioritize team requests. If someone has the momentum and energy to perform a project that will make the company better, that is a worthy use of non-billable time. To accommodate such requests, we will need to de-prioritize other non-billable work and initiatives, so this must be done carefully.

When the CEO approves a request for non-billable time usage, they should provide a specific budget and timeframe for the approval.