GTD Method

GTD Overview

Getting Things Done

is a book by David Allen which espouses a powerful productivity strategy rooted in scientific research.


The Crux of It is:

  • Take all your inputs (email, phone, mail, basecamp, slack, etc) and quickly catalog any work-to-be-done into a trusted system (paper, bullet journal, OmniFocus, Wunderlist, etc). Lack of detail is fine, just get it down.
  • On a regular basis, process the work-to-be-done in your trusted system, from rough scratch tasks to projects composed of actions. An action is something you can do, or that you need someone else to do. Organize the work by the "context" – the things, people, or places you need to accomplish each action. Ex. "email mom re: cookies (Context: Computer)"/"Write first draft of speech (Context: Desk)"/"Clean up the laundry closet" (Context: Home)
  • When you’re in a given context (at the computer, at the desk, at home), review your context list for things you can do then. Follow your intuition and true due dates to decide what to prioritize.

Here is a great recap:

And a really good TED talk by David Allen:

Here is a keynote on it: