We run payroll for all 👥Staff on the same cycle. Staff get paid automatically based on their hours in Harvest or their salary if applicable.

  • On or before the end of each month, staff gets paid for hours from the first half of that month.
    • Ex. On or before July 31, staff gets paid for July 1-15.
  • On or before the 15th of each month, staff gets paid for hours from the second half of the prior month.
    • Ex. On or before October 15, staff gets paid for September 16-30.

US-Based W2s should expect to get paid exactly on the payment due dates (the 15th and the last day of the month).

Contractors (US and Global) will sometimes end up getting paid earlier than the payment due dates. Sometimes we prefer to pay early for our ops team’s workflow. Ex. If you are a contractor, you may get a payment on October 2 for hours from September 16-30. But at the latest, you will get paid for that pay period by October 15.

Contractor pay should generally include a note clarifying which pay period the payment is for. If that note is missing that is likely a mistake by the ops team so if you have any questions about a payroll feel free to ask ops@cantilever.co.

Salaried employees will have their healthcare reimbursements, if any, paid out on the same rhythm. Each payroll will include expenses approved through Take Comment for the pay period being paid out.