Check Invoices

Each week we check the Xero invoices against the Harvest invoices to ensure that they match up. If not, it could mean that we are missing a payment or an invoice on one side or the other, and that should be corrected immediately.

In Harvest go to "All Invoices" and then click "Open Invoices". This shows sent invoices but not drafts, which is what we want.

In Xero, go to "Invoices" and click "Awaiting payment".

The invoices in each of these screens should match.

  • If there is an invoice in Harvest which is not in Xero: Go to the invoice in Harvest and "Sync to Xero". If that is not possible, you may have to come up with another fix.
  • If there is an invoice in Xero that is not in Harvest that likely means it is marked paid in Harvest but not in Xero. Double-check the payments.
  • If the invoices are the same but the amounts are different, there may be an invoice on either side that has the wrong amount. Double-check all the amounts.