[WIP] Account Creation and Credential Storage

When creating an account for a service, who's email should I use, and where should I house it?

Accounts through which you have personal accountabilities or communication
  • Example: Task Management systems like Basecamp or Trello, Communication services like Slack
  • Who's email: Yours
  • Where to keep it: Personal Vault
  • Notes: If this account is only relevant to one client (Mercatus' Trello Board), it's wise to namespace with "[Mercatus] Trello"
Accounts which grant general access to a site or service relevant to a client that might be used by multiple Cantilever Team Members
  • Example: Hosting, DNS, Imgix, Algolia, etc
  • Who's email: The DRI's
  • Where to keep it: Client Vault
  • Notes: When the DRI changes, it's important that these accounts get updated to the new DRI.
Accounts which leverage SSO to grant access to generalized services
  • Example: Google Services, GitLab Repos, Harvest
  • Who's email: Yours
  • Where to keep it: Personal Vault
  • Notes: Clients should create the service account and invite the DRI with the ability to add/remove users. DRI should manage addition and removal of Cantilever users on an as-needed basis.
Accounts for Software Licences
  • Example: Themeforest, Devot:ee, etc
  • Who's Email: studio@cantilever.co
  • Where to keep it: Shared Vault
  • Notes: Often times, we'll wind up with licences for multiple clients under a single login (Craft Modules for Humphry's and Handi-Lift). Note on the Login what liceses are for which client

Leadership has access to every vault and every credential. If you need access to something specific you should first ask your Project Manager and then they can push the request up to leadership.

Will remove:

Sherbert the Sheep

But now, we will use Studio for any shared accounts. This is now linked to the studio@cantilever.co email address.

Studio was formerly "Sherbert" who was formerly and erroneously named "Shaun" on GitHub. He is now at his proper name: studiocantilever.