The Operations team is in flux lately. Please reach out to @Hiba Khatib with any operations requests.

Ops is in charge of all the “work outside the work.” They own the critical processes that allow the studio to function and grow.

People Ops

The Operations department is responsible for the traditional “HR” function.

Each person who works at Cantilever has a manager. If someone needs to know something about the nature of their job, their manager is in charge of that.

Hiring is done by the hiring manager who needs a new person on their team(s), in conjunction with the CEO.

Freelancer Hiring & Onboarding Workflow
[Legacy] Cantilever Approach to Hiring (In-House)
Employee Paperwork
Job Candidate Exercises


Ops is in charge of our finances and our books. They work with our bookkeeper and tax advisor (In the US these are both Tanner).

Accounting Guide


Most paperwork Cantilever signs has to do with a client, and therefore is handled by the client strategist. Employee paperwork is handled by Operations as a part of People Ops. Other general paperwork such as our insurance contract, real estate contracts, etc. are also handled by Operations.

Studio Management

Studio Management is the administration of the tools that we use on a daily basis to complete our work. In a physical studio this would involve setup of equipment, furniture, etc. In our remote-first model, it mainly has to do with software. We use a litany of software tools for our project work and also to administer our team. Operations owns this.