Department Head:
Nikki Munson

The operations department keeps everything ticking. Without Operations, we can’t... operate 🤣

People Ops

Operations manages our People Ops (HR) practice. Operations should ensure that our staff has the best experience possible working at Cantilever. We have systematized our processes and have started to expand our People Ops practice as we have implemented more staff benefits in the past year.

People Ops is responsible for maintaining and implementing our policies around

Team Member Benefits
, our
Relationship Policy
, and so on. If someone needs to know something about the nature of their job, Operations is in charge of that. Please note that this kind of information is for the broader team and is therefore held in the root of the Handbook, while resources specific to People Ops personnel are kept here.

People Ops is also key in hiring. Hiring managers should make the decision to hire someone, but People Ops facilitates the process.


Operations is in charge of our finances and our books. Operations sets policies for the team around how expenses should be managed. Operations works with our accountant to ensure that tax returns are filed promptly and accurately.

Non-Billable Time Reviews


Operations is not responsible for project-related paperwork, but it is in charge of other kinds of legal agreements that Cantilever enters into. For example, our relationships with marketing vendors, SaaS products, etc.

Often these agreements will be required by another department, for instance, an NDA for Sales. Typically, the department requiring the paperwork should simply proceed, and the responsible individual should sign. However, all such paperwork should be reported to Operations for visibility and context.

For any potentially sensitive paperwork, Operations should be involved sooner, and should have the ability to say “No” when an agreement does not match our values, is not enforceable, or is otherwise a bad idea. Operations should always be at least “consulted” when it comes to legal paperwork that binds the company.