Onboarding Guide

This article is public but only actionable if you have been hired at Cantilever. If you would like to join us, please apply on our website!

Welcome to Cantilever!

We are so grateful that you have chosen to work with us. We’ve asked you to join because you are smart and talented, and you vibe with our

. We know you have many options for your working life, and we are honored that you are here. Let's make the web a better place, one website at a time! 🌍💻

This document is your tour guide through the basics of working here. I know that most corporate training stuff is just something you have to skim, because it is outdated or not really important. We are different. We constantly work on our handbook and this guide to make sure that it only contains valuable and critical information. Everyone you work with at Cantilever will be assuming that you know the stuff in this guide, so please read everything carefully.

Please start by watching the video below, from our amazing team member @Enric Clemente.

If you ever have any questions, please ask your manager. And if you need any more help, my door is always open to every member of our team.


@Ty Fujimura, Founder & CEO

Onboarding Basics

Please start with this welcome video by @Enric Clemente :

  • You got to this guide via of a link within an Asana task. The Asana project where that task lives is your main source of truth for all the steps you need to take during onboarding.
  • Your onboarding time is considered real work time, and you should log it in
    under Company & Culture → Continuous Improvement. Going through this guide should take between 3 and 5 hours depending on your role.
  • We have two staff types:
    Core Team
    . You should already know which one you are. If you don’t, please ask @Cantilever Operations.
  • If you are a Contributor, you have a “Primary Contact”. If you are a Core Team member you have a “Manager”. You should have already been introduced to this person; if not please ask the @Cantilever Operations team. Your Manager/Primary Contact is the one to reach out to first with any questions you may have during onboarding and after.
As you go through this guide, watch each video and read each document carefully and leave comments for your manager if you have questions. You do not need to follow links or read sub-pages unless specified below.

📕 About the Handbook

This guide is a part of

, our “Operating System” for working at Cantilever. It is our primary source of truth for how we do things. This guide will highlight entries you must read now in order to start work. However, there is lots of other stuff in there too. Once you are done with onboarding, Please explore and learn, beyond the onboarding guide!

Learn The Ropes

These are the fundamental docs to get you oriented around what Cantilever is all about. Read and absorb them.

Meet Your Team

Peruse the to get a sense for who you will be working with.

Watch this video to learn about meetings during onboarding:

Get Set Up

First, read through this entry including all the sub-pages for the “Core Tools”:

Then, get started! The first thing you will want to do is configure your email and calendar:

Then, get your computer set up with all the key tools you need:

Learn Your Role

From here, the content you should review depends on the specific role you will be filling at Cantilever.

Production Staff


and all sub-pages outside of “Teams.” This will take a while!

Then, watch these videos to get a good understanding of how our workflow feels in practice:



including all sub-pages.



! Skim the sub-pages, which are of various levels of completion right now.

QA Engineer
QA Engineer


including all sub-pages.

🧠 Cantilever History

Now that you have a good sense of working here, please take a bit of time to learn about the history of our agency.

Please skim through these articles (or read them in depth if you are interested!)

Finally, check out this video to understand our public reputation, why we value it, and what you can do to keep it great:

You’re done! Thank you, we are excited to work together!

Watch this one final video for some parting words from Enric. Can’t wait to get started!