Client “Opt-Out” Policy

There are times when we receive requests to work on a website for a company or individual that you may not be comfortable working on. We want to ensure that if you are working on a project, you feel comfortable with who we are working for. You have full freedom to opt out of working on a project if you are uncomfortable with the client.


Say we have Marlboro contact us asking us to create a new website for them and you do not believe in the values that Marlboro holds. You should talk to your manager to let them know how you feel and tell them you are uncomfortable with the client. Your manager will excuse you from the project and give you work in other areas of the company. If there is a concern like this from a team member, it will be discussed as to whether or not Cantilever as a whole is comfortable working with said client. Cantilever may decided to opt out entirely from the project if the whole feels uncomfortable with the client or client values. However, there may be times when Cantilever decides to go ahead and pursue the project anyways.