Vision, Motivation, and Values


What is Cantilever trying to achieve?

To be the most user-centric digital design & development company on 🌎


Our “Why.” What drives us to want to bring about our vision?

We believe in “Digital Hospitality” – the idea that digital products are spaces visitors inhabit, not billboards they see from a distance. We empathize with each and every visitor and care about every detail of their experience.

We believe the web should be helpful, empathetic, accommodating, and safe. We believe that access to information is a human right. We believe that the power of technology is harnessed when it is firmly linked to the power of our humanity in concept, design, and practical application.

We are driven by the knowledge that If we fulfill our vision, we would improve the daily lives of billions of people – both through our work and our influence.


What do we feel most deeply?

Technology with Humanity

In order to practice Digital Hospitality, we need to be able to put ourselves in the virtual shoes of the people who visit the sites we make. We need to have an open mind and avoid preconceived notions of what they’ll want or need, and we need to listen to them.

When it comes to our clients, we endeavor to deeply understand them and their world so that we can empathize with them as well.

Our culture is about empathetic human connection. We go out of our way to connect with each other as people, not just co-workers.

We value diversity. A diverse team is a strong team (here’s a study), and we have only ever gotten better by having a wider range of backgrounds, genders, cultures, family situations, locations, and opinions in our ranks. We don’t accept the skewed demographics of the tech industry as a given, but seek to change them, even when inconvenient for us. We require an accepting, open attitude and do not tolerate bigotry. We keep it weird. We send snacks.

Profits Create Potential

To achieve our vision, we need to make money. Making a profit allows us to attract the best talent, reward them generously, and retain them, providing continuous value for our clients. Profits allow us to spend time and resources focusing on our culture and building our skills so that we can be even more effective and cohesive. Profits allow us to give back to causes we care about and make the world a better place.

We are cautious with our resources but never afraid to make big investments when we anticipate a big return.

We must grow in order to fulfill our vision, but we should never grow at a pace that jeopardizes our culture or the quality of our work.

Trust and Independence

We hire smart people and expect them to be smart. Cantilever staff make their own choices – when to ask for help, when to stop and check in with the client, how long to work, from where, and on what schedule.

We expect the best from our people, but believe they should expect the best from the company as well. We should stop at nothing to make our team happy.

We use careful planning and a strong culture to deliver an unparalleled team and customer experience without infringing on our staff’s autonomy. We make extra effort to be clear, open, and frank in our communication. We avoid arduous systems or practices and cut through clutter. We write, design, code, and work with a seamless, minimalist sensibility.

Radical Candor

Part of the reason the agency world can be so toxic is a lack of transparency. Clients are shielded from knowing the full picture. Staff must deflect and deceive internally to get work done without upsetting politics. We detest deception and seek to be transparent in a proactive way (letting clients in on our processes and knowing whatever they want about what we’re doing) and a reactive way (answering questions and responding to problems in a tactful but totally clear manner).

Relentless Passion for Improvement

We are obsessed with perfecting the art of “Digital Hospitality.” We’ve never found the absolute right way to do things. All the progress we have made has merely been to enable the next optimization. Anyone in the company can make suggestions for how to make a process better. Managers must be open to suggestions and change, and should greet them with enthusiasm, not annoyance.

Legacy: Values through Q2 2022

What’s With The Sheep?

Sherbert the Sheep (alias Sherbert LeMouton) is the official Cantilever mascot. He started as an illustration that Ty did for fun during college (Ty is a weird guy). This is the original Sherbert:


The fun part about Sherbert is that his limbs and tail are not physically connected to him. They actually just float near him. So sometimes they get stuck on random objects and he has to go find them.

Sherbert was the name on our shared inbox for a while and some clients received emails from that and thought that someone named Sherbert LeMouton actually worked here, which is true, in a sense.

Because of Sherbert, you will often see 🐑 emojis in our team communication. It has nothing to do with Digital Hospitality. It’s just Sherbert, ya dig?