Workshop Guidelines (Presenter)


We have recently started creating workshops that our team and those outside our team can participate in. These range from whatever area of expertise that any of our current team members have. If you are asked to teach a workshop you will be responsible for the bulk of the information as well as a presentation. You will have a host (currently Nikki) who will be helping you through the process.

Who can do this

Anyone who is part of the cantilever team.

Prior to the Workshop

The host will reach out to you to set up a time to talk through creating and running a workshop about a month before you will give your presentation. This call will include what to expect, how the format will run and give you the chance to share your idea for your workshop. There will be social media created to promote your workshop, so you'll want to have that ready before this meeting. In this meeting you will need to answer these questions:

  • What date will this be held?
  • What time?
  • What will it be about?
  • Do you plan to have a presentation, and what does it entail?
  • Are you requiring anything of those participating that they will need to have prior to joining the call?
  • Is there anything you need the host to do during the presentation?
  • Would you like to field questions at the end or would you like the host to do that?

Once you have connected with your host, you'll want to create your presentation and send to the host so they can view before the day of.

Workshop Day!

Set up:

  1. Please make sure you have something to share on your screen. This makes the Workshop feel as those there is more effort put into it (Adrienne did a great job with this).
  2. Communicate with Nikki about the flow of your workshop and if you will want the participants to engage in anything to try, test, or do what you are teaching. She can send links, information out to those signed up via email prior to the workshop call.
  3. Jump on the call 5 minutes before it starts so you can get yourself set up and ready.
  4. Ensure your presentation is no longer than 20 minutes. This keeps people engaged and ups the likely hood that people will watch the full workshop on youtube when it's posted.
  5. Reach out to your network letting them know that you have a workshop coming up. It's important to have non-cantilever team members on the call!
  6. Prepare some questions for throughout your workshop to keep the audience engaged.
    1. How familiar are you with X topic?
    2. That was a lot of information, any questions about that?

During the Workshop

  1. If you can, try to share only the presentation that you have rather than your whole desktop (this may not always be applicable) as it helps keep your personal computer items and any not publicized project items out of sight from those participating.
  2. Have your basecamp pings open somewhere you can access a chat with Nikki. She will ping you to help keep you on time and allow there to be enough time to ask questions at the end.
  3. When participants have all joined, either you or Nikki will set parameters for those participating. Here are our preferred parameters:
    1. Please ask everyone to mute their microphones unless they want to ask a question, then promptly put it back on mute.
    2. Ask everyone to hold their questions until then end, unless otherwise prompted. If prompted you can have participants either un mute and ask/answer questions or you can have them jump on the chat.
      1. If they jump on the chat, please read their question before answering.
  4. If you stop screen sharing, please turn your video back on so that participants (and anyone watching the recording later) have something to view other than a blank screen.
  5. Nikki will wrap up the workshop when you are finished. So please say "Thank you" to conclude your workshop. This will let Nikki know you are finished and will prompt her to start wrapping up with questions.

Post Workshop

  1. If there were any resources that you mentioned during your workshop that you did not send a link to in the chat, make sure you send them to the host to distribute to those who were on the call.
  2. Celebrate! You did it and can now say you are a workshop expert for Cantilever.