Social Engagement Suggestions


When someone follows us or promotes our content, we should say thank you, and strike up a conversation.

All of these should start with “hey, thanks for the follow!!”The best thing is to ask them about their specific work. So if they design logos, ask them about logos. If they design video graphics, ask about that. Basically just ask them a question you would ask if you met them at a party. But for some possible inspiration...


  • Tell us about your last project!
  • What’s your favorite typeface right now?
  • (Interactive designers) Have you done any work with design systems yet?


  • Tell us about your last project!
  • What’s your current toolkit?
  • What are you learning lately?


  • What’s something that would surprise us about [where they live]?
  • (Remote Peeps) What do you think about working remotely?