Social Media

Social Media


As a digital company, social media is a critical aspect of Cantilever’s marketing. Not only can it deliver leads and talent, but it is a way for us to stay engaged with the latest conversations around tech and design, and for us to understand the challenges our clients face with social and how our sites can help.

Our strategy on social is to deliver inherent value. We will also use our channels to announce goings-on at the company or showcase new projects, but the primary voice of our social presence is around insight.

People should follow us because they can learn things they never knew about websites – how they work, what makes them effective, how they can be built, and what goals they can achieve.

The social channels are like a miniature version of our blog. We only write blog posts that we expect people to read and get something out of. The same should be true of social.

We should be a good follow first, and an agency second.

Current Team

Our social media partner is Kielo Digital. They work under our marketing team. We don’t have in-house staff handling social media posts but do provide design and copy support to Kielo as they craft the posts.

Must Reads

In order to work on social for Cantilever, you must familiarize yourself with:

Cantilever Messaging
Cantilever Social Media Master Guide
Social Style Guide

Social Media Profiles:

Instagram: Cantileverweb

Twitter: @CantileverCo

LinkedIn: Cantilever Inc

Facebook: @cantileverco

Pinterest: Cantilever

Youtube: Cantilever

Medium: Cantilever

Future Social Media profiles should be any of the following: Cantilever, Cantileverco, CantileverCo, CantileverWeb, Cantileverweb, Cantilever Inc,