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To submit an entry for please complete the following. Once we receive your submission we will edit the post for length, format, voice, and tone. We will then send the draft back to you for final approval from both you and your client (if necessary). Please email leah@craftcms.com if you have any questions.

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Integrations/Plugins Used


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Briefly describe the client and what their organization does. If you are part of an internal team, tell us a little bit about your business.



Tell us a little bit about this specific project. What was the goal of the project? What were the challenges? What makes this project particularly interesting?


Why Craft

Why was Craft a good fit for this project? Did Craft enable your team to do something or create something integral to the project? Was there something about Craft that is uniquely helpful to your team or the client? Did you use Craft + Commerce? And did Craft specifically help your team/client achieve the desired goal?


Integrations and Plugins

Did you use any integrations or plugins on your project? Did you build any plugins/integrations for this project? If you created your own, can you tell us a little bit more about your plugin/integration?



Please summarize what you accomplished for the business/organization, what the impact was, and what's next. What is your team most proud of when it comes to this product? Are there any KPIs you can share? Are there any anecdotes from the client or the team using the site that you can share?



We love a good quote! If you could provide a couple of quotes from your team and your client that would be great.



Please provide relevant images (overview page thumbnail 794px by 1112px, desktop gallery 2400 × 1400px, mobile gallery 880 × 1640 px). As well as inline images of plugins, integrations, etc

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