Legacy: Cantilever Blog

Legacy: Cantilever Blog


The blog is on hiatus but this documentation may be useful in the future we are keeping it.

Rebecca is the editor of Cantilever’s blog. Currently Ty is the main article-contributor. We hope that team members across Cantilever will become contributors. This How-to will refer to this role as the author from here on out. All of our blogging currently occurs on Medium but will soon be done on our own site.

This entry outlines our general process for blogging. There are specific procedures to carry out many of the individual tasks outlined here.

Cantilever publishes an article on the first Monday of every month, beginning November 2018.


The author should have a list of potential article titles and abstracts.

One month prior to the posting date

  • On the first Monday of the month, the editor should select a title/abstract for the author to write an article about.
  • The editor should then assign a to-do to the author with a deadline of when their draft is due.

Two weeks prior to the posting date

The author should turn in their materials for the article. This should include:

  • The full article copy, written in Notion
  • Images to go with the article (that the editor may need to edit) or clear instructions about what kind of image the editor should find and how it should be formatted to fit the theme of the article


The editor will work with the author to provide editorial suggestions in finalizing their article so that the article is ready to be posted on Medium—as stated above—the first Monday of each month.

After posting

The editor should share the post on social media following the procedure for Buffer. You should always use an image when posting the article on social media. (It grabs attention.) Make sure to use a few well-chosen hash-tags and invite readers to engage with the text (and with us)!