Fees & Invoicing

Ty Fujimura


Core Coverage fees are based on the anticipated relationship size and typically range from $1k/mo to $10k/mo.

We invoice for all other services on an hourly basis except in rare cases. Hourly rates vary. The internal team can see guidance on that in our doc.

We rarely accept new fixed-cost projects. We tend only to do hourly projects. Sometimes as a courtesy to the client we will offer a “not-to-exceed” cap on charges related to a specific scope, but we still charge hourly.

Our fees are updated frequently in response to market conditions. Often clients will be grandfathered in under the terms of a prior agreement with a fee that falls outside our normal ranges, and that is fine. We generally don’t change fees outside of contract renewals.

For examples of Cantilever fees for different services, please see



Core Coverage
$1k-$10k typically
Hourly Rate
Core Coverage Discount
25% on hourly services
Friends & Family Discount
25% on all services


Friends and Family clients receive an additional 25% discount on all services. For such clients, compute the fees as normal and then deduct the discount as an overall invoice discount.


Other clients may have specific discounts or credits noted in their SOW. If you are a PM make sure you know the full content of each SOW for your clients, and invoice accordingly.


We invoice all clients monthly and always in arrears for services from the prior month.

We previously had other invoicing schedules and flat-rate projects. Please respect any agreed SOWs, but use the standard monthly/in-arrears structure for any new work.

Invoices should go out prior to the 7th of each month for all work in the prior month. Please try to avoid situations where work goes uninvoiced for any given month.

If work needs to be comped due to a mistake on our side, please make sure that it is put into a non-billable category in Harvest, not just written off on the invoice itself. This enables our historical records to be accurate.

After invoicing please make sure that all the hours you just invoiced for are marked as invoiced. If they are not and you do not have permissions to do so, please ask someone from


Invoices should have a line item for each active client project, along with their Core Coverage fee. Each line item aside from Core Coverage should include some light notes about what we accomplished in those hours. Sometimes, clients will need a fully separate invoice for a specific project. This is fine!


For ideal results, we recommend structuring client relationships with multiple projects in Harvest. Then when you create the monthly invoice for that client, do it “by project”. This will automatically create the right line items. Then you simply need to add notes to each line item, send, and all hours will be marked as invoiced successfully.

Pro-Bono Clients

Our pro-bono clients have Core Coverage and hourly work SOWs like all other clients. They will also receive a Pro-Bono “grant” from Cantilever, donated to them on a yearly basis, that should cover their Core Coverage costs, plus some amount of hourly work. With this, they can keep their site working well without paying a penny, and can request that we scope and estimate new work that they may want to fundraise for.

Example: The Sherbert Foundation TSF is a non-profit whose mission is to help sheep learn how to say “moo” and help cows learn how to say “baa”. They don’t have much budget but we want to support their important work. We provide them: * Core Coverage ($1,000/mo) * Hourly work ($300/hr, discounted to $225/hr since they have Core Coverage) We then provide a 25% Friends-and-Family discount. So their final costs are: * Core Coverage ($750/mo) * Hourly work ($168.75/hr) We also provide them a $10,000 “Pro-Bono Credit” for the year. This means they can afford Core Coverage throughout the year (total of $9000), plus another $1,000 in hourly work (5.92 hours). If they wish to do more work with us, they can opt to ask for more hourly work and pay at the F&F rate beyond their Pro-Bono Credit.