We strive to charge fair fees that reflect the value of our work to the client and enable us to pay our team well while maintaining a healthy profit margin.

Some of our services are flat-rate and some are hourly. For examples of Cantilever fees for different services, please see 🙌Services.

🏆 Principles

  • Fairness: We seek to charge fair fees that reflect the value we provide and allow us to pay our team fairly.
  • Flexibility: We seek to have flexible pricing to make our services accessible to organizations that we believe in who otherwise could not afford it.
  • Consistency: We maintain consistency in our invoicing and accounting systems for simplicity and predictability.

✅ We Do…

  • Combine charges into a single monthly invoice per client, unless otherwise requested.
  • Send invoices by the 7th of every month for services from the prior month
  • Maintain hourly rates within a specific range. See doc (Internal).
  • Review our rates regularly to ensure we are providing value
  • Communicate completely transparently with clients about charges and billing
  • Charge a late fee for overdue 💌Invoices

🚫 We Don’t

  • Ever use deceptive strategies or hidden fees
  • Agree to be paid outside of our normal Net 30 cash invoicing rhythm, unless approved by Ty
  • Charge in currencies other than USD, unless approved by Ty




Friends and Family clients receive an additional discount on all services, typically 25%. For such clients, compute the fees as normal and then deduct the discount as an overall invoice discount.


Other clients may have specific discounts or credits noted in their SOW. If you are a PM make sure you know the full content of each SOW for your clients, and 💌Invoice accordingly.