How to Process Payroll


This procedure summarizes the process of paying our employees and consultants. Our processes for employees/team members and Consultants are different and thus require different processes.

  • Employee/Team Member pay - pay for this class of employees is processed on the 15th of the month and the end of the month (30th or 31st). This applies to both hourly and salaried Employees, they follow the same pay schedule.
    • Processing Date - Hours and expenses need to be entered 2-5 days in advance of those pay dates, depending on how weekends and holidays fall in relation to those dates. All hours and expenses need to be entered before Close of Business (COB) on the "Process Date". For instance, the upcoming pay date for June 30th needs to be entered on June 26th and will occur on June 28th due to the 30th occurring on a weekend. The schedule for when to pay is in Gusto.
    • Pay Period - The range of dates that the pay will apply to on any given pay date is in arrears and pays for the previous range of dates. For instance, the upcoming pay on June 28th, 2019 pays for hours worked from June 1 to June 15th.
    • Pay Schedule - This can be found in Gusto incase you ever loose track.
  • Consultant Pay
    • Monthly Consultants - In some cases where we are using costly methods of pay, such as International Wires ($40 per wire), we pay these individuals on a monthly basis. This is paid at the end of the month on the same day as the other payroll items are processed.
    • Bi-Weekly Consultants - Most consultants are paid bi-weekly, on the same day as our regular team members. They are paid for the same time period as team members so everything is seamless.

What you Need

  • Access to Harvest to view all hours and expenses entered by people - you may need to log in as an administrator to be able to view all projects and hours.
  • For Employee Processing - Access to the Gusto Payroll System
  • For Monthly Consultant Processing (just Andrew right now) - You need access to wire transfer capabilities in Chase.


Retrieve Hours.

Go Into Harvest and Retrieve Hours Worked

  1. To retrieve the amount of hours that hourly employees worked - Log into Harvest and select Reports->Time
  2. Select the appropriate time period by selecting the "Custom" option under the date dropdown and entering the appropriate dates. For employees according to the pay schedule here: and for Consultants every 2 weeks as mentioned above in the Description.
  3. image
  4. Enter the dates for the pay period that you will be paying for and click on "Update report":
  5. image
  6. This should provide you with a report with the hours broken down by employee for the dates that you need to pay out for - you will use these number to enter into the payroll system:
  7. image
Retrieve Expenses.
  1. In Xero - Look up any expenses that have been logged by team members. Review the receipt and ensure the totals match before approving the reimbursement.
Process Employee Pay with Gusto.
  1. Select Run Payroll from the left side bar.
  2. Select the Green "Run Regular Payroll" Button
  3. Review the hours each team member worked in Harvest to know what hours to enter.
  4. Add up reimbursements for each employee and add into the "reimbursement" section.
  5. If someone has earned a bonus, add that into the "bonus" section.
  6. Select Save and Continue when you are all finished.
  7. Confirm everything looks correct and select "Process Payroll"
Process Consultant Pay.
  1. Log into Gusto and select "Pay Contractors" from the left navigation.
  2. Click "enter payment" to add hours, bonus, reimbursement to the contractor. You will grab the hours from Harvest same as for the team members.
  3. Select "save and continue".
  4. Confirm everything looks correct and send it through!