[TK] UX Approach

UX design involves mapping out the functionality and content of a site. The most common deliverables are wireframes, but we also do content audits and other analytical processes during UX.

Typical UX Designer Responsibilities

  • Absorb and understand the diagnostic report, SOW, and any other project documentation
  • Get to know the client. Understand their mission and unique qualities.
  • Perform a content audit to understand the available content and how it can fit in to a new site
  • Create low-fidelity pencil or iPad sketches that outline the basic structure of the site
  • Create a wireflow diagram to show all the pages in the site and how they connect
  • Create medium-fidelity wireframes that show the full features set and content structure of the site
  • Create a content model document to outline the structure of the design and help the CMS developer latch on quickly
  • Write documentation for the visual designer so they understand all the nuances of the UX design