Parental Leave


Cantilever provides parental leave in line with Denmarks parental leave laws. We pay the rate that is reimbursed by the government in the event of a pregnancy or adoption. The government pays DKK 4,460 per week before tax for a full-time employee in 2021. If you want to read a bit more about Denmarks parental leave law see below.

Denmark (Parental Leave Law)

Please note- This information is as of 2/24/2021 and is subject to change.

Both parents are entitled to leave when a child is born or adopted. A pregnant employee is entitled to 4 weeks leave prior to the expected due date, and 2 weeks mandatory leave afterwards. They are entitled to 12 weeks after the mandatory 2 weeks. After the first 14 weeks they are entitled to at least another 32 weeks' additional leave and are further entitled to extend the parental leave up to a maximum of 46 weeks.

The other parent is entitled to 2 consecutive weeks' paternity leave within the first 14 weeks after delivery as well as up to 32 weeks' parental leave which may be shared with the pregnant parent and may be taken during the first 14 weeks after the birth and either separately or at the same time as the pregnant parent). The other parent may further extend their leave up to a maximum of 46 weeks following the date of delivery.

When adopting a child from abroad both parents are entitled to 4 (and in some cases 8) weeks leave (with full salary) in connection with the picking up of the child whereas such entitlement is just 1 (sometimes 2) week(s) when adopting a child in Denmark. Specific cases of adoption will be discussed with your manager and compliance will be met with whatever situation the employee finds themself in.

To receive parental leave, you must fulfill the following conditions on employment:

  • As a salary earner you must have been in employment the day before or on the first day of the parental leave. Furthermore, you must have been employed for at least 160 hours within the last 4 completed calendar months prior to maternity leave, and 40 hours each month in at least 3 of these months

As parents you have a combined entitlement to parental leave benefit for 52 weeks. For the first few weeks there is a fixed distribution between the mother and father in the case of childbirth, but you will yourself or yourselves have the option to arrange the last 32 weeks of leave. In the case of adoption you can arrange most of your leave yourself or yourselves. Note, however, that the leave has to be taken before your child reaches the age of 9 years. Please note that you are both entitled to take 32 weeks of parental leave (a total of 64 weeks), but that you are only entitled to benefit for 32 of these weeks.