Core Team Onboarding Guide

Core Team Onboarding Guide

Ty Fujimura

It’s your first day at Cantilever. We are so glad to have you!

This guide will help you through your first day. If you have any questions or hit any roadblocks, don‘t hesitate to contact your manager.

If you aren’t on our team yet but would like to be, please email with your information and work samples, and we’d love to have a conversation!

Key Background

  1. You should have a single Manager here at Cantilever. If you don’t know who your Manager is, please ask the people you have been communicating with and they will clarify. Your Manager is your go-to for any questions you have or issues you may be running into that are not solved with our handbook.
  2. Our default communication methodology is asynchronous. We have tried to write down everything you should need to know to work successfully here, but we make mistakes. Please don’t hesitate to comment in the handbook if you have any questions, or call or text your Manager.
  3. Our team is expected to self-direct and make smart decisions about what to work on and when. However, fret not – As a new team member you will receive more support and guidance than usual while you onboard.
  4. We want to see your best work and will push for excellence, but in exchange we strive to be the best employer possible for you. And that means caring for you personally (and your family) while also supporting you professionally.
  5. Your manager will have given you a series of tasks as a part of your onboarding, of which reading this guide is one. Please don‘t start on actual tasks until you have read and absorbed these materials. Following this guide should take you most of day one to complete. If you are an hourly team member you should include the time in Harvest under “Essential Non-Billable Time.”

What to do on Day One

(Or over the first few days, if you are part-time)

Set up your email and calendar (30 minutes)

You should have received an invitation to a email address. Log in and set this up in your mobile/desktop apps of choice.

Meet your manager and other teammates (1-2 hours)

You should have a calendar invite in your Cantilever email to a welcome call on Day One. Your manager may have also set up shorter calls with more members of the team for today.

Read key handbook entries (~3-4 hours)

There is a lot here, so we recommend breaking this into chunks.

General Info

Key Guidance

(The base page plus all the sub-pages. If you are not a PM or Strategist you can skip the stuff in “How we run projects” under “For PMs and Strategists”)

(You can skip any tools that are not relevant to your role)

(Just the one for your role, unless you are interested. Your name should be on the one for your role already)

For Your Role


Please read this article about the history of the company:

Please skim our Clutch page to know what our clients think of us:

Set up other tools (1-2 hours)


you will see all the software we use as standard. You should have received invitations to join all the stuff that is relevant for your role. Set up these tools on your computer so you are ready to start!

You should have been asked if you wanted a Cantilever computer. If you wanted one you should have already received it. If you haven’t, please reach out to your manager to decide what to do.

That’s it! You are in great shape for day two and beyond. Thank you and welcome!!!